Subtleties Slim Card Wallet


This weeks new item has officially been released! it’s our brand new, limited edition Subtleties slim card wallet. This piece has been in the works for a long time and is a product of an awesome collaboration between Labyrinth and Eastworks Leather. We teamed up to create a simple, subtle, and modern slim card wallet that is a beautiful piece of work. All 30 of these pieces were handmade using 1 piece of leather in a unique design thats sleek, stunning, and versatile. This wallet holds at least 10 cards and has an extra flap for cash, keys, or whatever you need.

When working with this design we went through a few different sizes to be sure to maximize the amount of space and things that could be held in the wallet. We wanted to make sure the wallet was comfortable but had the space to fit business cards, credit cards, cash and more. So here are a few behind the scenes shots of the process.




In the end we found the right size to work with an added a beautiful debossed logo in the back left side to add a subtle touch to its design. This is the most comfortable wallet I’ve ever owned and I hope you all like it as much as I do. Pick one up soon before you miss out!


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New Fall / Winter ’14 Collection!


Finally, the start of the new Fall / Winter collection is now here. This collection has been in the works for a while and I’m super excited to finally have it here. As you may have noticed, I’ve been saying that this release is going to work a bit differently than in the past. I’m sure that might sound a bit confusing, but I assure you, it’s very simple.

In a nutshell, I want to feature and release a new item each week. A lot of work has been put into this collection (as with every collection) and I want to take some time to highlight the features of each product and promote each individual product for a week. Also, there will be some contests involved, so stay tuned to find out how to win some free items!

So, what will this release bring? I know some of you have been waiting for this for a while and the teasers have only made you more curious. I hope you all feel that it was worth the wait! This collection will bring our very first long-sleeve, Fall Leaves (which is now released!), our very first handmade slim-card leather wallets, Beanies, a brand new tee, and a long awaited brand new zip-up at the very least! Each of these items are definitely favorites of mine since starting Labyrinth and I can’t wait to share them all with you.


As I mentioned, the very first item to launch this week is Fall leaves. This design is part of the cycles series and explores the cycle in which the leaves decay and the integral part the wind has in their rebirth and growth. This design is printed on a super soft and comfy 100% ring-spun cotton Heather Brown long-sleeve tee and is perfect for Fall/Winter. So grab one up before they sell out!


I’ll be posting more in the coming weeks about each item to be released each week and to also show some process and the work it took to get there. Be sure to stay tuned and spread the word and feel free to share your thoughts and your opinions!


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Boston Tee Party Recap!

As those of you who follow Labyrinth know, two weeks ago, August 11th was Tee Gazette’s First Annual Boston Tee Party! If you know me, you know I lived in Boston for a few years while going to school there, so being that this event was run by our good friends Kelly and Jared from Tee Gazette as well as being in Boston, Labyrinth had to be there.

We had to leave Friday afternoon and of course we hit traffic, road work, as well as a crazily heavy downpour, and gps address confusion that took us a half hour away from our hotel.

driving to the BTP

Finally after close to seven hours, we arrived in Boston. The event opened up to the vendors at about 10:30 am and after circling around the venue 10 times, we finally found it hidden in the back and made our way in.

Speakers started up around 12:00pm and we heard from Jonathan from Apptopia, Adam from Focused in Photography, and Shane Matthew Stiles from our buddies at Threadbird. Each speaker was great and had interesting insights to share. 4pm rolled around faster than we expected, but finally we had everything set up.

Boston Tee Party - Labyrinth Table

Ta-da! Here’s our table set up from the event! We were even lucky enough that they included a little fake tree in our booth space to spruce it up haha.

BTP Labyrinth zoom

It seems like no matter what, even after signs for free stickers and pins, people are afraid to take something on a table for free. But I had nice little mini cards made with the Labyrinth info on them, new stickers, old stickers, and new/old pins to give away. We gave away some stickers, pins and mini cards, sold some tees, networked a bit, and met great people.

We met so many great people from awesome new customers, to amazing repeat customers like Erick Endres, to awesome brand owners like Regan Smith Clarke, Jason Carne from Among Villians, Shane from the awesome guys at Threadbird (who print our tees!), Joe from Branded Baron, Lori from Cavata, Craig from Rise to Glory, Chaz from Vicious History, Justin from Monstros Apparel, Nate from Candy Effect, and of course, Kelly from Tee Gazette/Indie Minded/Saucewear and Jared from Tee Gazette/Indie Minded as well as many more!

It was so great meeting everyone there and putting faces to all of the amazing brands, customers, and tee enthusiasts! Hopefully we’ll be seeing you next year at (the newly named event) the Boston Indie Expo!

We were also offering a raffle for the first 75 people to sign up for our mailing list to have a chance to win a free tee! Because the event cleared out quickly and things got busy, I decided I would announce the winner on here instead of at the actual event.

The lucky winner of a FREE Labyrinth tee is Haley Lundgren! Congratulations!

Raffle Winner

Last but not least, Labyrinth will be doing a back to school sale starting next Monday! The Back to school sale will be packed with awesome savings on everything and will last from August 27 – September 10! So stay tuned and be sure to check it out and take advantage of some amazing savings and look for details for a contest to win a free tee!

Thanks for reading,

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August Updates!

Hey everybody,

I know I took a few weeks off from posting every thursday, but things have been crazy busy lately. I wanted to keep you guys up to date on a few things happening soon though!


So some of you may have seen me post about the Boston Tee Party (presented by Electric Cure Radio) event coming up this Saturday, August 11th in Boston, MA. This is the First Annual BTP and is going to be a really awesome event! It starts at 12pm, and runs until 9pm at the Carson Place Facility at the Boston Teachers Union Hall. There will be speakers, tons of indie brands, bands performing, and will be an amazing event! Tickets are really cheap and available here for less online than on the day of the event. So if you are in the Boston area, or are willing to travel, please come out for this incredible event, Labyrinth will have a table and will be selling tees and having a great time! Labyrinth will have lot’s of tees there, some new products, a raffle for a free tee, and lots of free things!

Also, just a head’s up, but because of the BTP, I’ll be taking the new tees (as well as some others) off the online store on the day of the event in order to keep from overselling products. But I will do my best to make sure everything is back up and running the day after the event.

Also,  before the end of August, I will be releasing part two of the Summer Collection, as well as a way overdue lookbook! This summer has been a bit of a mess planning wise, but things will be back to speed soon. I apologize for all of the delays, but I hope you all enjoy  the new Spring/Summer collection and everything in the works! I’m doing my best to keep Labyrinth growing and increasing the quality of everything as well as keeping a reasonable price, so I hope that shines though. Thank you guys so much for taking the time to read!


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New Spring / Summer Collection out now!

Hey everyone, as most of you know, the Spring / Summer Collection is out! This line has been through a lot of unexpected delays and issues, but the response to it has been great so far and I can’t thank you all enough for the amazing support!

As you probably noticed, there currently is no lookbook due to some of those unexpected delays/issues I mentioned, but I because the collection was delayed long enough, I wanted to make sure everything was released before July. BUT, there is a lookbook coming along as well as some videos and more. This is part one of the new collection and a special limited edition part two is on it’s way!

Touch Zoom in

You may have noticed today that our buddy, Bobby Bates helped out and freshened up the look of the store once again and there are some brand new product shots, detail shots, and model shots to give you all a better shopping experience. I’ve also added in Tweet and Pin it buttons so that you guys can share Labyrinth throughout social media easily and facebook buttons are on the way as well! Please check out the store and pick something up and share it with your friends. A lot of the previously released items are almost sold out, so please be sure to pick something up if you like what you see, because stock is running low! If you also forgot, the sale ends at 12am this Monday, so be sure to take advantage of the great prices!

Last but not least, thank you so much to all of the blogs that have supported this new release: The UTee, Tee Gazette, Hide your Arms, and In my Short Sleeve I cannot express to you how much I appreciate all of your support!



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Spring / Summer collection + You Blew It!

Summer collection 6.25.12

The new Spring / Summer Collection is out on Monday! I’m so excited for you all to see everything! Because of that, I want to show you a little teaser of what’s to come… enjoy.

I will also have all of the previously released tees on sale this next week 6.25.12 – 7.02.12, so make sure you grab everything you can at these incredibly low prices!

I also want to introduce you all to another amazing member of the Labyrinth Family, You Blew It! These guys are from a little further out than the rest of the Labyrinth family, reigning from Florida and are all incredibly talented and just released their new incredibly awesome cd through Topshelf Records, Grow Up Dude, which if you haven’t heard, you’re truly missing out. For all of you fans of American Football, Algernon Cadwallader, and the Get up Kids, you’ll love You Blew It!


You Blew It! recently went on tour and played South By South West and they’ll be playing Fest11 as well! This picture from SXSW may be the best picture ever taken with a Labyrinth tee…


They’re currently on tour in two days, so be sure to check out their schedule and catch them at a show nearby! These guys definitely deserve a listen and some warm Labyrinth love, so be sure to give them some support!



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Sale + another member of the Labyrinth Family

Hey everybody, if you haven’t already noticed, Labyrinth is gearing up for our (Super Late) Spring / Summer collection and I hope you’re all getting pumped for it!

In honor of the summer collection, next week I’ll be doing a sale on the winter gear (hoodies, beanies, 3/4 sleeve tees) so make sure you take advantage of that!


Now, to get to the topic at hand, I wanted to introduce to you all (drum roll please…)

Mike Falzone!

(Can you guess which one he is?) Mike has been a long time supporter of Labyrinth, probably since about 2008 and is a super talented / hilarious guy. He’s a musician as well as a comedian and if you haven’t seen any of his youtube videos I’ve posted about, you’re really missing out.

Mike is so awesome that youtube has asked him to come out to their event/festival, Playlist live, the past two years in a row and you may have seen him on on fuse tv or reddit as well. Not only has he preformed at playlist, but he’s also answered some important questions and taught some important lessons as @ohheybatman (on twitter for those of you who may have thought the @ sign was a typo). Not only has he done all of this and more, but he has been kind enough to wear Labyrinth and get pictures/videos of himself wearing Labyrinth to help spread the word, which is just amazing and awesome! So thank you Mike, for being so awesome.

Please give Mike a warm welcome to the Labyrinth Family and check out his music for FREE at and check out his youtube videos and give him some love!

Lastly, I’ll leave you with a video of pure gold by Mike –

Thanks and as always, leave your thoughts / comments below!

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Late Spring / Summer 2012 Collection

Incase you haven’t already noticed, the Spring mini-collection unfortunately had to be pushed back and combined into the Spring/Summer collection. Then the Spring/Summer collection had to be pushed back unfortunately, and now the Late Spring/Summer Collection is on the way. I’m so sorry for these delays and inconsistencies, but due to personal circumstances, this release was extremely tough to finalize a date on due to personal timing issues, but now, a date has officially been set, so get ready.

For all of you who don’t know, this new collection will feature 6 brand new tees that I am extremely excited about. This new collection is bold with important subtle yet detailed designs and I think that you will all be excited and happy with the outcome! It also debuts a new series called “Labyrinth Classics” which I’m also very excited to show all of you as well. Butttttt – that’s not all! I will be working on releasing a few items periodically over the next few months as add ons for this new collection as well!

I am also hard at work to put together some of the best giveaways with limited edition items yet, so keep a look out for them.

Also, incase you haven’t seen the teasers I’ve tried to post on instagram, I’ve included some new pins and stickers, as well as a little shot of one of the new tees called, “touch.”

I hope you all like what you see so far and I can’t wait to see what you all think of everything that is to come! Lastly, if you’re in the NJ area this Saturday, please come out to the Freehold VFW to check out some awesome bands (Athletics, Gates, Vasudeva and more!) as well as Labyrinth! So please feel free to share your thoughts and feelings below.

Thanks so much,


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Ever since the inception of Labyrinth, music has been heavily involved every step of the way in the entire process – from brainstorming to making a design, to printing designs, to doing inventory, to packaging, etc… What originally started as a team of designers to help out local musicians with their design needs, quickly became a clothing company (that also sold at local music shows), called Labyrinth.

Since then (2006), I’ve come across a great number of musicians that making truly inspiring, honest, and passionate music. Some of these musicians have been close friends of mine, others may be a little outside of the local area, and others way outside the local area. Music is a big part of my life (as well as many other people’s lives), and so when I come across a band or artist that I think has incredible talent and deserves recognition for it, I always try my best to help out in any way I can. Whether that’s liking posts, sharing them, asking people to listen to them, or any type of promotion to just get their name out there. Now this is where the Labyrinth family get’s involved. I set out to create the Labyrinth family in efforts to help support those incredible musicians who I feel deserve the recognition and their music reflects the Labyrinth lifestyle. Although we are starting off with a limited number of musicians, I hope to expand it and have a great big Labyrinth Family.

So the first brand I’d like to introduce to you is Athletics. Athletics is an amazing post-rock/ambient band from central, NJ who have such a great sound and are on Deep Elm Records (for those of you who don’t know, Deep Elm is one of the best Indie record Labels out there). Deep elm also lets you stream Athletics first record, “Why aren’t I home” fo free, so please check it out and give them a listen.

On June 9th, Athletics is playing their release show in NJ for the first and amazing Vinyl pressing of “Why aren’t I home” by our buddies, Intheclouds Records which features touch sensitive ink and amazing/unique Vinyl! Labyrinth will also be appearing at that show on June 9th at the Freehold VFW and selling some merch in person, so if you’re in the NJ area, please come through and say hi! Athletics also currently have their second full length, “Who you are is not enough” coming out through Deep Elm Records on June 26th, so keep an eye out for that! (Click that link for an exclusive track off of it!)

So everybody, please warmly welcome Athletics to the Labyrinth Family and lastly, if you haven’t seen the video I posted of Athletics playing on tour, checkkkkk it out here, Athletics, “Why aren’t I home?”.

Thanks for checking in and feel free to share your thoughts about Athletics and other bands below!


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